The Cloisters Monastery Museum, NY.

On our recent visit to New York City, we also traveled to one of the famous European Monasteries on the east coast. This collection of Medieval architectural masterpieces are on display at The Cloisters Museum in Upper Manhattan. The views are absolutely breathtaking and the sheer ingenuity and talent that was behind all of the art and sculptural pieces is just astounding. We stayed there most of the day and had a great time. If anyone is visiting the city soon, this is a great, yet almost forgotten place to go and site-see.

My parents loved it as well and my dad took this picture of Jeff and I.


These arches and entryways, some, are over 800 years old!!





Most of the architecture and pieces from Europe are from the periods 1100-1400 AD.


I love this picture of Jeff…he was laughing because I was taking a picture of him, while coaching him on portraiture which reminded him of the movie, “Napolean Dynamite” and Debbie is taking photos…hilarious, I have to say!


The amount of detail and time it took to create this…mind-blowing.


View from the outside…is beautiful and it was such a nice day when we went!

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  1. you both are precious! 🙂

  2. beautiful! thanks for the lovely documentation.

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