These are 2 photographs from my glass assignment (that I did not turn in), but I still like the way they came out.

8 responses to “Glass.”

  1. katelyn sebastian Avatar
    katelyn sebastian

    Beautiful 🙂 Love the low key look.

  2. Amazing work! i hope mine turns out this good!

  3. Chretian Jetaunn Avatar
    Chretian Jetaunn

    Great job on your glass! I saw you in the studio and I was excited to see the finished product. It looks amazing!

  4. Great work. You keep raising the bar.

  5. Great job! This should go in a magazine.

  6. Great job! The oil lamp is lit beautifully!

  7. Nice images Josh !

  8. Steffanie Strickland Avatar
    Steffanie Strickland

    very nice job with the glass. I like these a lot josh.

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