Retouching Demo.

I pride myself with my Photoshop abilities and I just wanted to show how retouching an image can really take all of those little distractions away. It takes it from a good photo to a great photo. I mainly retouched all of the extra tags and cords and even a whole electrical box with lots of wires plugged into it. I didn’t do much with the actual exposure or color, just a little dodging and burning, and just a little saturation boost. You can click on the image and zoom in close if you want to see what kind of details are just slightly different. It is hard to get it perfect, and as any perfectionist would know, it is frustrating at times.

People often ask me how much time I spend on retouching and in Photoshop. Well, I typically retouch every single image that I want to keep or use. It is just the perfectionist inside that chooses what level of perfect it needs to be and what the photo is going to be used for. It usually takes me anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours. A photo like this would probably take me about 3 hours total. If the photo requires heavy retouching, I have to take breaks and revisit the photo so I can keep a fresh view on the image.

demo-1Left(Before) – Right(After).

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