The Cube: Depth of Field.

There were a few “cube” assignments during my time at school. This cube is used for measuring D.O.F. (Depth of Field). Depth of field is the area of focus within a photograph that is sharp. The aperture size is the specific factor in determining how big or small that area is. The larger the aperture, the thinner the depth of field. The smaller the aperture, the larger the depth of field. In large format class, depth of field was so important and critical for landscape photography and since the cameras we used had an aperture up to f/120, we were able to get the entire photograph sharp using D.O.F. and the hyper focal distance. This shot is at f/32 to get all of the cubes sharp. The contrast of the black and white checkered pattern is easy to measure the actual measurement of the depth of field when photographing at different apertures. This contrast is also how digital cameras use autofocus to determine where to focus.


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